Safety Solutions, will stock and supply all Major Lifting & Rigging Equipment’s, Steel Wire ropes, Mooring Ropes, Anchor Chain & fittings, Fall Protection and Sea Safety Equipment’s .

We also stock & supply Special Dynamica Ropes used in Mooring & in Winches :

We supply quality Rigging, Lifting, Safety & Fall protection Equipments. We are capable of meeting the requirements of Marine Companies, Vessel Owners, Rigs, Oil Field Companies and Drilling Contractors. The company provides the latest technology and equipments that allow us to deliver excellent service.

We Manufacture & Supply:

  • Rigging Equipments & Lifting Slings: Wire ropes, Steel wire rope slings, Grommet Slings, Chain Slings, Webbing slings, Round slings, Shackles etc.
  • Lifting Tackles: Chain Block, Lever Block, Wire rope Assembly, Lifting Clamps etc.
  • Lashing Products: Lashing belts, Lashing chains, Lashing wire ropes, Load Binders, Grab Hooks, Turn Buckles, Wire rope clips etc.
  • Fall Protections: Full Body Safety Harnesses & Accessories, Rescue kit & Fall protection and Height Safety products, Confined space equipments, Retractable Fall arrestors etc.
  • Deck Mooring Equipments: Anchors, Anchor chains, Kenters, D-shackle, P. P. and Nylon Ropes etc.
  • Offshore Products: Safety Nets, Cargo Nets & Scramble nets, Personal Transfer baskets, Rope Ladders etc.

Services We Provide:

  • Loose lifting gears inspection.
  • Load testing, MPI & Certification of Lifting equipments.
  • Wire rope Spooling.
  • EMAG Testing