• OGI provides a variety of specialized manufacturing, inspection and repair services from its facility at UAE.
  • Our machine shops are fully equipped with computerized cutting units, lathes, mills, borers and grinders – all of which are operated by experienced personnel highly-skilled in every aspect of machine shop activity
  • Our in-house capabilities allow us to manufacture, repair and refurbish a comprehensive spread of drilling and down hole tools to ensure your equipment arrives in optimal condition for maximum operational efficiency
  • We provide a complete range of specialized QA / QC programs to meet the needs of both contractors and operators.
  • Drill Collars & Drill Collar Pups
  • Drill Pipe Pups
  • Heavy Wall Drill Pipe
  • Stabilizers – Integral Blade, Welded & Sleeve
  • Substitutes, X-overs, Side Entry
  • Drift Mandrels
  • Tool Joint build-up
  • Hard banding – Arnco 100XT, 300XT, 150 XT/350 XT
  • Phosphating of threaded connections
  • Complete range of junk milling tools ord the make-up of premium and API connections